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Green Gables Business Centre operates on the site of the former Evesham Sanatorium.  It has been operating continuously as a multi purpose business centre for the last 15 years.

The Evesham Sanatorium was erected by the Evesham Joint Hospital Board in 1887 for the treatment of infectious diseases such as diphtheria and tuberculosis. The sanatorium was extended in 1912 and the home building was enlarged in 1916. The sanatorium was to serve a population of 15,623 in 1887 growing to serve a population of 20,675 by 1912.

(Now known as) Green Gables House was the administration block for the sanatorium and housed the Matron’s office, bedrooms for nurses, dining rooms and offices.

The hospital carried on providing for the needs of the people of Evesham until the requirement for a Sanatorium diminished as vaccines and medicines became available. By 1956 it was largely redundant and in March 1957 the site was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Works.

The old sanatorium buildings remained unused becoming derelict until 1965 when the land was used by the GPO as an engineering Depot.

The building now known as Crown House was used from the late 1950’s by the National Agricultural Advisory Service (NAAS) later renamed as the Ministry of Agriculture Farm & Fisheries (MAFF) as a research laboratory. This resulted in the construction of greenhouses and out buildings.

The GPO demolished many buildings leaving only the administration building (now known as Green Gables House) the morgue (now communal facilities) and two main isolation wards.

They constructed various outbuildings, vehicle parking areas and storage units. The GPO added to the administration building a flat roofed extension in the 1980’s. The GPO became British Telecom and the site wasn’t required. Part of the site was sold in 1995 to operate as a small business centre and Blocks A & E were refurbished.

The area known as Jubilee Works was purchased in 1978 and an engineering firm operated known as Sabre engineering. Various buildings were erected to support the business. In 2003 the site was sold to Green Gables Services and has been operating as a multi purpose business centre since then.

In 1994 the MAFF sold their site and this was eventually bought in 2006.

Green Gables Business Centre now operates as a multi-purpose business centre.

We facilitate owner-run small businesses providing services to the public, secure self-storage, office space, business storage, container storage, secure parking, a children’s nursery, and much more.

Please contact us if you have a need and we will try and help you out.

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